PracticeQ Payments - ACH Transfers

ACH Processing fees: 1% with a cap of $10 per transaction.

practiceQ has the ability to allow invoices and recurring payments to be paid via ACH bank transfer.

We currently cover a couple workflows:

1. Client can enter their banking info via an RTF Consent Form.
2. Staff can manually enter the client's banking info via the "Client Profile > Card/Banks" tab.
3.  ACH transfers take 3-5 days to be deposited.

Once a client's bank account info is saved, account info can be used to pay for invoices and set up recurring payments just like a credit card. 

ACH Info Entry via an RTF Consent Form

1. On RTF consent forms, you can add a widget for Credit Card Information or ACH Bank information. 
3a66e6b6a2feb92b488a3b19cb44e027.png 2. If you click in the form widget, you can select from three options:

  1. Credit card only
  2. ACH only
  3. Give the user the option to enter one or the other

cb0061212b84e8764eca018b6f8ecded.png Preview of ACH only widget:
1635a5fcb97bf070e84f0cf4466b737d.png Preview of giving user the option to choose Credit Card or ACH:

ACH banking information entry:

060c8a0ba490d5afdd327790665f70cd.png When entered, the account info will save to the client's account.

Entering ACH Info From the Client Profile:

From the client profile, you can input a client's bank info under the "Cards/Banks" tab. From there you can set the bank account as the preferred method if there are other payment methods saved.

If a bank account is saved to the client profile, you can use it to take payments on an invoice and set up recurring payments for their account.

Identifying ACH Payments

From the Invoice List (Lists > Invoices), you can choose "Pending ACH Payments" and "Rejected ACH Payments" from the Status filter. This will give you a view into your ACH payments. 

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