Body Map / Drawing Questions

This question type available in intake questionnaires and treatment notes allows you to add certain body map and other images to your forms that clients can draw on. This is typically used to denote specific ailments on the body, but any image can be used so it can be used in varying use-cases.

Adding a Body Map / Drawing Question

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" and select the form you want to add the question to and click the box to open the editor.
  2. Add a new question, selecting the question type "Body Map / Drawing".
  3. Type in the question you'd like to ask clients in the "Question" section (optional).
  4. You'll then be presented with an option to select the type of body map or diagram to use.
  5. Depending on the selection, you may want to add in legend items, or upload your own image.

Body Map / Diagram Types

Body Map 1: Allows the client to select specific sections of the body as shown in the example below.

Free Drawing (Body 1): Allows the client to free draw on the body diagram. You can setup different colors on a legend that clients can select from to denote different issues.

Free Drawing (Body 2): Same functionality as the previous option, but with a different image.

Free Drawing (Custom Image): This options functions in the same way as the above two do, but the system allows you to upload your own image. Just be sure to resize the image before uploading to ensure it fits in your form properly.

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