Rupa Health Lab Integration

The PracticeQ + Rupa Health integration will allow practitioners to order, track and get results from 30+ lab companies. The Rupa workflow is ideal for clinics of all sizes and can save up to 15+ hours on admin time each week depending on how many labs you order for your clients. 

Utilize Rupa Health's extensive education tools to better understand the possibilities of specialty lab testing and discover new labs by category or company to widen your scope and provide the best labs available.  Each client in PracticeQ has their own list of current and previous lab orders and results. The practitioner can also view a list of all labs for all clients.  

One thing to note is that Rupa Health is only cash-pay and does not take insurance. They will provide a superbill and can help with that process.  

Check out their FAQ here.

Connecting Your Account or Signing Up:

From the More > Settings > Integrations page, scroll down to the Rupa Health line and click Settings. There you can sign into your account to sign up for a new account. Once connected, you can synch your patients from Rupa Health and bring them into PracticeQ if you need to.

Click Connect to "Rupa Health" to log in:

Rupa will ask you to authorize the integration:

The setting page will confirm you are connected:

Use the "Pull Patients" button if you need to sync clients from your Rupa account to practiceQ. This is for those that already have a Rupa account with patient data that isn't in practiceQ yet. 

Viewing Lab Orders

There are 2 places you can view lab orders. The master list is under the Lists > Lab Orders menu item. Here is where you can see all labb orders for all clients.

The second is the "Lab Orders" tab on the client profile. This displays their lab order history and status of any open orders. 

You can link these line items to an appointment note via the "Action" button on the right. This will allow you to create a new note or assign it to an existing note.


Adding a New Lab Order

Form the client profile, click the "+ New Lab Order" button to launch Rupa in a new window. 

Create your order via the Rupa interface. Once complete, you'll be taken back to the practiceQ interface to continue working. The Lab should show in the list shortly after. 

Creating a Lab Order from an Appt Note:

You can also add a new Lab Order from inside an appointment note under the "More > Link Lab Order".

Viewing Lab Results

You will receive an in-app notification and an email from Rupa when the labs results come in. The results will be automatically be added to the Client Files as well so you can view them there.

Client Profile:

Master Labs list:

Issues with your Lab Order?

We can only really support UI issues or issues with the API integration. If you have questions about a lab order, you will need to contact Rupa support. You can log into your Rupa Health account and click the "Intercom" button on the lower right to get in touch with support. They said they are usually in touch within 30 minutes. Rupa support also has a support email at if needed.

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