Mixed Controls for a Better Layout

With the "Mixed Controls" block you have more flexibility in how to arrange your text boxes, and you can also choose from a variety of question types. This type of question is commonly used to collect patient’s contact or insurance information.

Here’s an example of what you can easily do:

To use this question type, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" and select the questionnaire or treatment note template you'd like to work with.
  2. Click on "+ Add New Question" in the top right of the page.
  3. Under "Question Type", select the "Mixed Controls" option.
  4. Click on the cog wheel (shown beside each question) to define the question settings (size, mapping, required, etc.).

    Type: Set the type of question field (text box, date, email, phone, etc.)
    Width: Set how much horizontal space the question will take up.
    Profile Mapping: Use to map a question response to the client profile (learn more here).
    Placeholder: Set text that will display in a text box before the client clients into it
    Is Required: Check this is you want the question to be required, meaning the client is forced to answer it.

Resize and Drag/Drop

You can easily resize the questions in mixed questions by moving your mouse to the right edge of any of the questions. When the mouse turns into a "<->" cursor, simply click and drag left and right to resize your question. Moving your mouse pointer over any of these questions will also cause 3 small lines to appear to the left of the cog wheel. Clicking on these lines will allow you to pick up and rearrange the questions.

Adding Additional Questions

To add additional questions within the mixed controls question type, use the blue buttons at the bottom on the screen under the current options already added.

Here are the various uses for each type of question:

  1. Text Box: This option is for any question that requires a typed answer. Common uses are for requesting Name, Primary Doctor Name, Name of Workplace, School Name, etc.
  2. Check Boxes: This option allows you to ask a multiple choice question, with multiple responses. It's a smaller, editable version of the "Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer" question type.
  3. Radio Buttons: This option allows you to ask a multiple choice question with a single answer, such as Gender: Male/Female. This is a smaller, editable version of the "Multiple Choice - Single Answer" question type.
  4. Date: This option allows you to ask a question that will bring up a calendar option when answering. Great for asking for the date of last visit or date of birth.
  5. Email: This option is for requesting the email address of the client. Once they input the email, it will verify that the email address is in the proper format.
  6. Phone Number: This option allows the client to put in their phone number, and converts it to an easy to read format. Displayed as (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  7. Numeric Field: This option is for when a question requires only a number for an answer, such as asking for a patient's current age.
  8. Address Fields: This will add fields for "Street Address", "Apt./Unit #", "City", "State/Prov", and "Postal Code".
  9. Address Autocomplete: This option will auto complete the address for the client as they type it in, and covers the city, state and zip code. We suggest adding a small text box beside it for optional apartment or unit numbers. Note: This question type is not suggested anymore, instead we suggest using the Address fields to get individual breakdowns of the address.
  10. Dropdown: This option allows you to ask a question and give multiple answers in a dropdown menu for the client to choose from.
  11. Multi-Select Dropdown: Like the one above, this option displays multiple answers in a dropdown menu for the client to choose from, but in this case the client can pick more than one answer.
  12. Large Text Box: This adds a text box, but it will provide more room to type and auto-expand if you exceed the visible space. This is typically used as a replace for text boxes in cases where you need more room to type a response.
  13. Paragraph: This option is for when you want to make a small note without adding a space for the client to answer.
  14. Auto-Suggest: Please contact us in regards to the specific functions this option allows for.

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