Using Auto-Suggest Questions

Using Auto-Suggest Questions

intakeQ supports Dropdown lists, as well as Radio and Check box questions, but when you have a longer list with hundreds of items, it can be complicated to scroll through all of the possible answers to find the specific option you're looking for. 

The Auto Suggest Question type currently seeks to fix this issue, by letting you have long dropdown fields which supports freetyping, so that you can limit the options.  For example, if you need to list recommended supplements to a client, and you have thousands of options listed, but you want to prescribe B-12 with a specific dosage and brand, you can free type 'B-12' to narrow the list of options down to all of those containing that text. limiting a list of thousands down to only a few options.  

Since this works with questionnaires and treatment notes, it can be used by you/your staff to streamline your notes, as well as allowing clients to have an extensive list of potential options, while still controlling the possible answers the client can choose from (as the final answer must come from the list, not from free typing).

This question type requires using Mixed Controls and setting the question type as 'Auto Suggest'.  The system will then ask you 'link' the data source to the question:

Uploading a Data Source:

To upload a Data source, please prepare a CSV file.  Make sure that there is a single column, titled:  Description

Enter all the possible options into the rows of the CSV file.  Make sure there are no empty rows.  Once done, reach out to our CSR team with the attached file(s), and request that we upload it for you as a Data Source.  You can email our CSR here:

We will review the file, and let you know once the data source has been added to your account.  Once done, open the form template > open the field options and choose the data source.  Once done, click 'Ok' and save the template, and the note is ready to use.

*Note:  Data sources should NEVER contain PHI.*

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