Require Email/Phone Confirmation for Your Public Forms

IntakeQ offers two ways to get an intake form in front of your clients. You can send them a private invitation through IntakeQ or use your form's public URL.

The only drawback to making your forms public is that anyone can log in and submit them, even if they are not your clients. If you use our forms in your website, you can require that your clients confirm their email address or phone number before initiating the intake.

Note: The system will use the client's phone number to send an SMS in situations where they don't have an email address on file (they'd need a phone number on file in that case).

This method offers 3 advantages:

  1. Authenticating the user email/phone helps validate the user’s identity;
  2. It prevents spammers from filling out your forms;
  3. The client can come back to complete an unfinished form at anytime.

The obvious drawback of enabling this confirmation is that now your clients will need to perform an extra step in order to fill out your form.

This is how it works:

Client-initiated intake

How to Enable It

  1. Locate the form you want to enable email confirmation to under "My Forms" menu and open its editor.
  2. Click on "... > Get URL".
  3. Check the box that says "I want this form to be accessed through my website or tablet ".
  4. Check the box that says "Require email confirmation" and then click "Close".

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