Insert Input Fields/Forms Into a Consent Form

Insert Field

It's common to have consent or agreement forms that require some extra input from a patient besides their signature. Here’s an example of a consent form with extra input fields:

To insert input fields in your consent forms, locate the "Insert Field" button on the toolbar, then select the appropriate field and it will be placed at the current cursor position.

When in edit mode, you will notice that IntakeQ inserts a placeholder for each field. Examples of placeholders are:

{!text}, {!check}, {!opt}

These place holders will be replaced by actual input controls when the form is displayed to your clients.

Insert Form

IntakeQ lets you easily create custom consent forms containing fill-able fields without the need to know any HTML.

Most of you are already familiar with rich text editors, which allow you to do basic document formatting (changing font size, colors, etc.). Sometimes, you may need to include fill-able fields inside the same document. Let’s look at a simple example of how to create a consent form that contains fill-able fields.

To create the form above in IntakeQ, first, navigate to the Consent Forms page and create a new form named "HIPAA Release Form".

You can then start the form from the top down and create the centered title with a big font size. Now we need to insert a fill-able form section containing the patient name and date of birth. To accomplish this, we need to click on the Insert Form button.

This will open a dialog where we are able to build a mini form, much like we do in the Mixed Controls question type in the Intake Form Editor.

In this case, we need 2 text boxes. The first one (patient name) will be wider than the second (date of birth). So we’ll add the 2 text boxes, enter their labels and click on the settings icon to configure their widths.

We’ll also mark these fields as required, so the form cannot be submitted if they are left empty.

Once we click on "Add Fields", you’ll notice that a block containing some weird markup is added to the consent form. Don’t worry about what’s inside the block, this is just the markup that IntakeQ will interpret to display the appropriate fields in the web consent form, or PDF document.

Now just follow similar steps to add the remaining fields.

The final result will look like this to your clients:

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