Rating Scales

With IntakeQ’s online forms you can automatically calculate simple scored questions that are commonly used to assess patients using rating scales. This feature is available in the "Matrix – Single Answer per Line" question type.

Here is how you enable it:

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" and click on the form to open its editor.
  2. Select the question you wish to enable the score calculation on.
  3. Check the "Enable Score Calculation" box (only available in the Matrix question type).

This will reveal the score text boxes in the header of each column, as seen below.

All you have to do now is assign a numeric score for each column.

Once you set up the question, IntakeQ will start displaying the final rating for it in the submitted forms (i.e.: Score: 67 out of 90).

By default, your patients will not see the scores or their final ratings, only the forms that are submitted to you will contain this information. To change that behavior, you can click on the question settings and check the box that says "Display Score to Client" (see image below).

Display Score for Multiple Tables

Sometimes you may want to calculate the total score of a series of questions. To do this, go to the last question of the series, click on Question Options, and check the "Show Grand Total" box.

This will make IntakeQ sum up the scores of all previous consecutive questions of the series.

Totals Per Column

The Matrix question type offers a numeric column that allows a client to enter a number for each cell. The sum of these numbers are displayed at the bottom of the matrix for each column.

Using the Numeric column type.

Once the form is submitted, the total for each column is displayed at the bottom.

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