How to Chart the Spine in a Treatment Note

This feature is currently in BETA.

IntakeQ and PracticeQ have a unique question type for just the spine so that chiropractors can chart their findings and treatment directly within the application. By using Pinned Notes, these charts can carry over from one note to the next automatically.

Adding the Spine Chart Question to a Treatment Note Template

To add the spine chart to the note template so you can chart the spine during your session, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Go to the "My Forms" page
  2. Scroll down to the "Note Templates" section
  3. Click the treatment note template to which you want to add the Spine Chart question type
  4. Click the "+" and select "Add a Blank Question"
  5. Click the "Open Answer" dropdown under "Question Type" and select the "Spine Chart"
  6. This will add the spine chart question to your treatment note template.
  7.  To preview the chart, click the "Preview" button.
  8. To use the chart for a client's session, click "Create New Note" from the client's timeline and complete the note.

Charting the Spine During a Session

To use the spine chart during your session:

  1. Create a new note using the note template with the spine chart question type added (Instructions above)
  2. Scroll to where the spine chart question type is located

Chart Functions:

  1. Highlighting a Section 
    1. Click once on a section to highlight the section but not display a note

  2. Adding a Note to a Section
    1. Click once on the section to highlight it, then click the "Note" link to display the note field
    2. This will display an area to write a note
  3. Adding Multiple Sections to a Single Note
    1. Once you have the note popup, you can click the "+" button to add the section below the selected section to the note so that you can write one note that would apply to multiple selected sections.

Carrying Over the Spine Chart From One Session to the Next

In order to view the previous sessions findings in the current note, you must pin the spine chart question using our Pinned Notes feature. 

  1. From the Note Template under "My Forms"
  2. Go to the spine chart question type and click the checkbox under the "Question Options" button to "Pin to Client Profile"
  3. Next, go to your Client Profile settings page
  4. On the "Pinned Notes" tab, make sure the “Use Pinned Notes to populate client notes” is checked
  5. Now, for new notes, the spine chart will display what was documented last time. You can keep it the same or edit the documentation to fit the client's current state, and the previous session's notes will not be changed.

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