Offering Discount Coupons

IntakeQ allows you to create discount coupons that your clients can use when booking an appointment online.

To create and manage your coupons, navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Services > Coupons".

The image below shows a coupon being created. Notice that you can specify which services a coupon can be used for, an expiry date, etc. NOTE: The "Redemption Limit" is a total limit across all clients, not a per-client redemption limit (clients can use a coupon multiple times).

When your client is paying for an appointment, they are be able to enter the coupon code by clicking on the "Got a coupon" button. This button only shows up if there’s at least one active coupon for the selected service.

If your client enters a valid coupon, the discount is applied to the total amount.

Coupons are available for packages and single appointments.

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