Treatment Note Snippets

When writing client progress notes, it’s common to routinely reuse the same note, or at least a starting template that can be tweaked to a client’s specific scenario.

Our support for note snippets can help you save lots of time by allowing you to create your own snippet library and reuse them in your treatment notes.

How It Works

When creating a treatment note, you’ll see the snippet button for every free text box, as shown in the image below:

Clicking on the snippet button will open a popup where you can select your previously created snippets, or click a button to manage your snippet library.

Finally, when you select a snippet and click on the "Paste" button, the snippet will be inserted in the current text box:

Creating and reusing snippets is easy and will save you a lot of time when writing your client notes.

Easily Manage Snippets

A shortcut to the snippets section to easily add, edit, or remove snippets is available when logged in to IntakeQ. Simply go to the following address:

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