Adding Witness or Assistant Signatures

IntakeQ/PracticeQ offers the ability to have an assistant sign a submitted consent form. This is great for documents that require a witness.

To start, first go to "My Forms" and create a new consent form or open an existing consent form that you would like to add a witness signature to. As seen in the image below, there is a checkbox, "Enable Assistant e-Signature (Witness)", and a "Customize" button that allows you to enter text above the signature line.

Once the client has reviewed and signed the form and submitted it, the practitioner can sign the document (if applicable). Once that's completed, an assistant account can log in and verify the two signatures, and then sign as a witness. This must be done from an assistant account, as each signature will be locked to an account for verification purposes after it's submitted. If you need to set up an assistant account, the following article will explain how: Multiple Practitioners

As you can see below, the assistant will be able to view the full consent form and the signature of the client and provider before signing.

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