How to Merge/Unmerge Clients

If you have accidentally duplicated clients in your account, you can merge them into a single client, so that all their records are easily accessible from a single client timeline. Merging 2 clients will transfer all forms, notes and appointments from "Client A" to "Client B". After all documents are copied, "Client A" is deleted.

To merge "Client A" into "Client B" follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Client A's" timeline (this is the client that will eventually be deleted).
  2. Open the dropdown menu "..." on the far right of the page and click on "Merge".

  3. In the merge dialog, search for the "Client B" (the client that will assimilate Client A's data).

  4. Make sure the information is correct and click on "Merge".

How to Unmerge Clients

If you merge two clients together, but need to reverse this process, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the client that remained after the merge you performed (Lists > Clients).
  2. Go to the events log for that client.
  3. You will see an entry in the log for the merge you performed, next to it you'll see an "unmerge" link.
  4. Click the unmerge option to reverse the merge you performed and the client that was deleted will be restored with their data.

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