Importing Clients

IntakeQ makes it easy for you to import a list of existing clients into your account. All you need is a CSV file (which most other systems provide) containing client demographics information (name, phones, email, address, etc.).

Once you obtain a CSV file from your other system, log into IntakeQ, navigate to "Lists > Clients" and click on "Import Clients".

First, the import page will instruct you to upload the the CSV file (as shown below).

Here is an example of what your CSV file should look like, with the top row used for the column titles, and the client information in the other rows:

IMPORTANT: You need to have an email address and/or mobile phone for each client or they will not be imported.

Once the file is uploaded we'll show you its columns with some its data and allow you to map CSV columns to IntakeQ fields (as shown below).

IntakeQ will be smart enough to recognize the most common column names and map them for you, but you should always verify if everything looks correct and use the dropdown lists on the second row to correct any issues.

The 3rd step will give you the chance to assign the clients to a practitioner account.

The 4th and last step is where you finally import all the client records. Just click on the button and let the system do its thing. Depending on the number of records, the import process could take several minutes, so just leave the tab open until you receive the results.

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