Interactive Form Mode

IntakeQ has an interactive form mode, which presents your questionnaire in a Wizard style (i.e. one question block at a time).

Benefits of Using Interactive Mode

  • Reduces cognitive load by allowing the user to focus on a single question block at a time.
  • Interactive forms have been shown to be more engaging and less overwhelming.
  • Performs better on slow devices.
  • Most less tech savvy users find it easier to click next than to scroll down.
  • When returning to an existing form, user will automatically start in the page they had left off. 

When Not to Use Interactive Mode

  • If your audience is more tech savvy, and your forms are long, the classic mode may be preferred.
  • The interactive mode is not optimal when a form requires the user to move back and forth between questions.

How to Enable Interactive Mode on a Form

To enable the Interactive Mode for a form, navigate to My Forms, open a questionnaire template, then click on "... > Settings" and check the box "Enable Interactive Mode".

Tips for Optimizing Your Forms for Interactive Mode

The general tips for improving your forms still apply to the interactive mode (things like like removing unnecessary questions, using rules to keep the form compact, etc). In addition, these two tips will help improve your interactive forms.

  • Instead of starting with a question or consent form, make use of the Form Intro feature to show your clients a welcome message before they begin filling out your form.
  • In the Interactive Mode, the "Section Title" block type will be placed on its own page. In the classic long form mode, section titles are useful to break questions down into groups, but in the interactive mode, they become less necessary. When converting a form to the interactive mode, pay close attention to the section titles and ask yourself if they are still necessary.

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