Secure Signature Requests

This feature allows you to safely request additional signatures on any given IntakeQ document (intake forms, consent forms or notes). You can request a signature from the client associated with the document or from a third party. It's very similar to our Secure Document Sharing feature, but it allows you to request the recipient's signature on the shared document.

How It Works

When you send a signature request, the recipient will receive an email requesting the signature (this email can be customized). The recipient can be authenticated either by receiving an access code via SMS or by entering a secret passphrase that you provided.

Please note that these documents will typically contain private health information (PHI), and the 2-Factor Authentication process is in place to drastically reduce the odds of unauthorized access.

Once the recipient submits a signature, it will be added to the bottom of the document and you will receive an email notification.

Requesting a Signature

The first step is to open the document that you want to be signed. This can be a note, a submitted intake form or a submitted consent form. Once the document is open, find and click on the option "Request Signature".

For notes and intake forms, open the document and click on "More > Request Signature".

For consent forms, just open the form and the "Request Signature" button will be located on the right hand side menu.

The image below shows the step where you enter the recipient details and an optional "Signature Statement":

Every time you send a document, the signature statement get saved and can be reused later by clicking on "reuse a previous statement".

Another thing worth mentioning is that if the recipient doesn't have a phone number, you can click on "Use alternative authentication". This will allow you to create a secret passcode and inform it to the recipient through other means.

Warning: when requesting a signature on a note, the note will be permanently locked. You will still be able to request additional signatures on the same note, but if you need to modify the note's contents, you will have to duplicate the note and send a new signature request.

Viewing Requested Signatures

In order to keep track of signature requests, we created a page that lists all the requests that were sent. You can access this page by navigating to "Lists > Signature Requests".

This page will show the status of each document and allow you to resend forms that are pending or have expired.

Customizing Signature Request Email

IntakeQ allows you to customize the email clients receive when you request a signature. To edit the content of the signature request email, navigate to "More > Settings > Email", and click on "... > Signature Request Email" as shown below:

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