Resending a Form Invitation to a Client

Sometimes, a client may lose the original form invitation email to access their form, or the questionnaire form may have expired. In these cases, you can resend the original form invitation email to the client, with a new password, so that the client can pick up and resume the form where they left off.

To do this, go to the client's timeline page and select the client's pending form on the timeline on the left. Then click "More > Resend Intake" as shown below:

Please note that this option won't be available if the client has already submitted the form. In those cases, you will want to reject the intake form as shown in the following article: Rejecting an Intake Form

Changing What Method is Used to Send the Form

If you originally sent a form via email, and want to re-send it to the client via SMS, our system allows you to change this when resending the form invitation. See the screenshot below:

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