Sending Invoices to Clients

IntakeQ allows you to send payable online invoices to your clients, making it easier for you to get paid. If you haven't read our Introduction to Invoicing article, we recommend going back and learning the basics before moving forward.

The first step is to create or open an existing invoice. The article mentioned above covers the multiple ways invoices can be created.

Delivery Method

Once an invoice is created, there are 3 ways to send it to the client. We will cover these 3 options in this article.

1. Sending an Invoice via Email

This method will send a regular email to your client. The email template can be customized in the general invoice settings, but you can also customize it even further before sending it to a client.

2. Sending an Invoice via Secure Messaging Portal

Sending invoices via the messaging portal allows for a greater degree of privacy because no PHI is send via email. Sending it is very similar to sending it via email, just make sure you select "Messaging Portal" as the delivery method.

3. Sharing an Invoice Secret URL Manually

We also allow you to share the invoice secret URL with clients outside of IntakeQ. A Secret URL is an internet link that is virtually impossible to guess, so only people who have access to it will be able to access the invoice. This is the same URL that is sent when you use the "Email" method.

As you can see in the video above, you should first issue the invoice without sending it, and then click on the Secret URL menu item. Don't forget to click on "Save" after copying the Secret URL, as this will make it active.

Note that the Secret URL expires after a predetermined period, which can be defined under the "Security" tab in the "Invoice Settings" tab. However, you can override URL expiration by clicking on "Show Advanced Options" in the Secret URL screen.

Sending an Invoice Reminder

Once a form has been issued, you can always send a reminder. Reminders can be sent via Secure Messaging Portal or Email, and its template can be customized under the Emails tab in the Invoice Settings page.

Client's Perspective

The video below shows the client's view when they receive an invoice from you. Notice how they can make a payment in less than one minute.

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