Support for Multiple Languages

While the admin area of IntakeQ is in English only, your forms can be made available in other languages.

In order to have a form in a different language, there are two parts that need to be considered:

1. Questions and Consent Forms: This is the content that you create. You can simply create the questions and consent forms in the desired language. If you do that, you will still notice that, even though the questions are in the desired language, the default buttons, labels and system messages are still in English.

2. Buttons, Labels and System Messages: These are the static parts of the form that are responsible for its functionality. For example, the "Submit Form" button, e-signature disclaimers, a message letting the user know that required fields were left blank, etc.

In order to change the static parts of the form to another language, navigate to "My Forms" and open the desired form, click on "... > Settings > Advanced", and scroll to the "Web Form Settings" section to find the "Language" field.

Currently, only English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (BR) are supported. We will consider additional languages upon request.

This does not translate your forms to the specified language, that must be done manually.

When creating forms in different languages, we recommend that you also translate the form email that is sent to the client. The following article explains how to customize the email for an individual form: Customized Email Template and Header

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