Automated Birthday Emails

We understand that your relationship with your clients is important, and to help facilitate this our system supports sending automated emails on the client's birthday. To start this process, please read our article on how to setup automated emails.

To get to the Automated Emails section, click on "Bookings" in the top menu, then click on "Booking Settings", and open the "Emails" tab. To create a new automated email, click on "Add Email". You are given various options for the type of email you'd like to create, for birthdays you would select "Create a Birthday email template".

Below is an example of an automated email template for birthdays, you can customize the message as you like:

Notice that we can click on "Add Field" to insert fields like client name into the email body.

Once this is setup and "Is Active" is checked, your clients will start receiving automatic birthday greetings. Please note that a date of birth is required on a client's profile in order for them to receive these automated emails, see the following article for more information on this: Displaying Client's Date of Birth with Appointments

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