Attendance Confirmation for Appointment Reminders

IntakeQ's booking system allows you to send out appointment reminders to your clients, with the option of using SMS, email, or automated voice calls. As a part of these reminders you have the ability to ask for confirmation from your clients, which will give them the ability to confirm their attendance or cancel the appointment.

Enable Attendance Confirmation

To enable the appointment confirmation feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings".
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  3. Under the "Appointment Reminder" section, enable one or both of the appointment reminders (see image below).
  4. Select the type of appointment reminder to send under "Reminder Type", or allow your clients to choose at the time of booking.
  5. Check off "Enable attendance confirmation" as you see in the image below.

What This Option Does

Enabling the attendance confirmation feature will do the following:

  • On every appointment reminder, the system will add an attendance confirmation question at the end, giving your client a chance to confirm or cancel the appointment (examples further down in this article).
  • Confirmed appointments will have a check mark by the client's name in the calendar.
  • Confirmed appointments will have a check mark by the client's name in the appointment list page.
  • Confirmed appointments will have an "Attendance Confirmed" label in the appointment details dialog.
  • The appointment list page will have two new items under the "Status" filter, allowing you to filter appointments by attendance confirmation status.
  • Optionally, a notification email will be sent to staff members when attendance is confirmed. There is an option in the notification settings page ("More > Settings > Notifications"), this is disabled by default.

Appointment Reminder Examples

Below are examples of what to expect when using the attendance confirmation feature with each appointment reminder method:


Text Message (SMS)

Automated Phone Call

As part of the automated phone call, your client will be asked the following: "Please say confirm to confirm your attendance or cancel to cancel your appointment."

Please note that the cancellation grace period is still respected, so if the client tries to cancel via the reminder after the grace period, they will receive a message saying that the appointment cannot be canceled.

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