Home Visit Appointments

The IntakeQ booking system allows you to setup various locations where you do business, though sometimes you may be visiting a client's house to fulfill a specific service and not one of your locations.

To allow for this situation, you can set a location as a "Home Visit", which will do a number of different things for any appointments booked at that location:

  • Ask for the client's address in the booking widget.
  • Add an appointment address field to the appointment dialog.
  • Add the appointment address to the practitioner notification email.
  • Add the location to the Google Calendar event that is created (if using the calendar sync feature).

Setting a Location as a "Home Visit"

To set a location as a "Home Visit", navigate to "Bookings" and click on "Booking Settings". You'll be at the section where you setup your locations and hours, under each location you'll see an option to enable/disable the "Is Home Visit" setting.

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