Adding Services to an Invoice Without an Appointment

Invoices are typically created based on service appointments you schedule with your clients, but in various situations you may want to add a service to a manually created invoice, without having a prior appointment with the client. IntakeQ's invoicing system allows you to select any service you offer to add to an invoice manually, which you can then use to charge clients, send them a superbill, etc.

To add services to any invoice, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new invoice, or open one and select "Actions > Edit Invoice" to enter the editing mode.
  2. Under the Items section you have the ability to add the invoice line items, click in the blank space where it says "Add Item".
  3. In the dropdown menu that appears, there is a possibility of numerous items appearing. In this example, we're dealing with manually adding services, so select the "Show Services" item to get a list of all the services you have setup within your account (shown below).

  4. Select one of your services from the list to add it as a line item on the invoice. You can then set a date on the line item if you'd like, add taxes, or even manually adjust the price.
  5. Once your done adding items to the invoice, click the green button in the bottom right corner to either create or save it, depending on whether this was a new invoice or not.

Please note that adding services to an invoice in this manner doesn't schedule an appointment, it simply is a way to charge for your services without going through the booking process.

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