Linking Existing Appointments to a Package

There may be times where a client has purchased an appointment package, but an appointment gets scheduled normally, thus it isn't attached to the package. In those situations, so long as the appointment is for one of the services that is included in the package, you can assign the existing appointment directly to a slot in the appointment package.

To assign an existing appointment to a package, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Lists > Appointments", and select the "Package" view button (located beside the "Booking Settings" button).
  2. Locate the package that you are looking to assign the appointment to in the list.
  3. Assuming the package has an open appointment slot, click "Schedule" in one of those slots. If you need to add a new slot, click "Actions > Add New Slot".
  4. A dialog will appear where you'd be able to schedule a new appointment that is directly tied to the package. Instead of doing this, click the link labelled "Want to assign an existing appointment instead?".

  5. You'll be taken to a follow-up screen where you can select from a dropdown containing any appointments that can be assigned to the package. Select the appropriate appointment, then click the blue "Assign" button to complete the process.

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