Appointment Packages

Appointment packages allow you to group and sell multiple sessions in one shot. For example, you can offer an initial consultation, plus 3 follow up sessions at a discounted price. This way, you get paid upfront and your clients become more engaged and committed.

To manage your packages, select the top menu "Bookings", click on the top right button "Booking Settings" and navigate to the "Services" tab.

When clicking on "Add Package", IntakeQ will display the screen below:

As you can see in the image, a package can be comprised of different services (or session types). On this tab, you can set the Name, Description, Price of the package, the locations it's available at, as well as which categories (if any) that it falls under.

Hide: If enabled, this option will hide the price from clients in the booking widget.

Display Discount Amount: If enabled, this option will display how much the client will be saving by purchasing a package as opposed to paying for sessions individually.

This is how the package will show up in your booking widget:

When a client chooses a package, they can schedule all appointments at once, or schedule just the first appointment and save the others for later.

The remaining unscheduled appointments can be booked by the client, by returning to the widget; or by you, using the IntakeQ calendar. To do that, start creating a new appointment for that client, like you normally would; when you enter the client’s name and choose a service, IntakeQ will display a list of unused appointments for that client. Just select one and IntakeQ will associate that appointment with that package.

Appointment Package Options

Overrides Tab:

Require a Credit Card: This option allows you to override the account default and can be set to "Require a credit card when booking", "Make credit card optional" (client's choice when booking), "Don't ask for a credit card", or "Require deposit". If you select to require a deposit, you'll be given the space to enter the deport dollar amount.

Automatic Charge: This option is only available when a credit card is option or required, and can be set to Charge automatically at the time of booking or Don't charge automatically (allowing for manual charges).

Custom Cancellation Policy: This allows you to set up a custom cancellation policy for this specific package, which will override the default one set up in the booking settings.

Advanced Tab:

Expires After: This optional field allows you to indicate when this package should expire. You do that by informing how many days after the package purchase it should expire. The expiry date can also be set individually for existing client packages in the Package List page.

Expiration based on: This is in reference to the previous settings, and can be set to "Booking Date" or "Appointment Date".

Hide Package in Booking Widget: This option allows you to remove this package from your public booking widget.

Default Practitioner: This setting would be used in situations where you want to force a package to always be assigned to a specific practitioner.

Appointment Cancellation

When a client cancels a package appointment using the booking widget, IntakeQ will use your cancellation policy only if you have a 100% penalty.

So, let’s say your cancellation policy says that a 100% charge will be applied when appointments are cancelled 48 hours prior to their date. If a client cancels before the 48 hours, the package will be replenished back with the appointment, so the client can reschedule.

If the client cancels after the grace period, the package will not be replenished, and the appointment will be lost.

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