Appointment Packages with Multiple Clients

The IntakeQ booking system allows your clients to book packages which contain multiple slots for a single service, or slots for multiple services. To read more about our package functionality, see the following article: Appointment Packages

In some situations your clients may want to share a single appointment package, such as in the case where a couple purchases a package and each would like to be able to schedule separate appointments as part of that same package. This can be done by adding additional clients to the package, see the steps below.

  1. Navigate to "Bookings" and click on the grey "Packages" button to access your list of scheduled packages. We're assuming that a client has already purchased the package (or you added it to them manually), if you need further assistance with that see our "Appointment Packages" article linked above.
  2. Find the package that you are looking to add additional clients to. On the right side of the package click "Actions > Add Client" and you'll be presented with a dialog that lets you select which client to add to the package. In the screenshot below you'll see an additional client added to the appointment, they name appears below the main client attached to the package.

  3. Once additional clients are linked to a package, they will be able to schedule appointments as part of that package, just like the main client can do. This means they can schedule their appointments using the booking widget or secure portal, or you can schedule them with each client manually as well.
  4. If at any time you need to remove an additional client that had been assigned to the package, you simply need to click the "X" beside that client's name.

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