Tracking Claim and Appointment Balances

As part of our Claims module, we offer a powerful search page that allows you to track the claim status, the insurance payment and the client balance for each particular session. To see this page, navigate to "Lists > Claims > Appointments".

Spotting Appointments with Outstanding Balance

Once an insurance payer has provided the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and that information has been pulled into IntakeQ (either automatically via Office Ally, TriZetto, or recorded manually), the system will update the amount owed by the client for that session.

To quickly view all sessions where the client owes you money, set the "Payment" filter to "Has payment info and pending client amount". The system will then show all appointments for which claims have been processed and resulted in a positive client responsibility amount, be it copay, coinsurance, deductible or denied claim. You can even invoice the client without leaving this page.

Notice that you can also click on claims and insurance payments to see their details, also without leaving the page.

Note: IntakeQ will not update the client responsibility part of an appointment in case an invoice has already been created for that appointment. In those cases, you would have to manually adjust the existing invoice.

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