Linked Clients

In certain situations, you may want to connect clients together to indicate that they are linked. IntakeQ allows you to do this by setting them as 'Linked Clients". This helps in scenarios like working with couples where each client has their own profile. 

The benefits of doing this are as follows:

  1. It allows you to quickly navigate to the client profile of a linked client.
  2. When adding an additional client to an appointment, a quick link for each linked client will be displayed so you can add them with one click.

To set up linked clients, navigate to one of the client's profiles, then click the "add linked client" button in the "Linked Clients" section (see below).After this, you'll be prompted to enter in the client who you want to link, as well as choose the type of relationship (parent, child, spouse, or sibling).

After adding a relative, you'll see that client appear under the "Linked Clients" section of both client profiles.

When booking an appointment for any clients that have another client linked, if you click "Add'l Client" you'll see the following option to easily add any related clients to the appointment.

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