Appointments With Multiple Clients (Couples, Families, etc.)

IntakeQ has added better support for couple and family appointments by allowing you to add multiple clients to an appointment. The appointment will still have a main client associated with it, but now you can add other clients to the same appointment. Please note that this option is not intended for classes/workshops/group appointments. You can learn how to set that up here:  How to Set Up Group Appointments (Classes or Workshops)

Additional clients will receive the same notifications, forms and reminders as the main client. Appointments will also show up in their timeline. Moreover, you will be able to search for appointments using an additional client name in the appointment list page.

Please note that this feature was created to support family appointments. For classes and workshops, we still recommend the method described in this article: How to Set Up Group Appointments (Classes or Workshops)

Creating an Appointment with Multiple Clients

The animation below shows how simple it is to include an additional client in an appointment. First, enter the main client's details, then just click on the "Add'l Client" (Additional Client) button and enter the additional client's details.

If you want to add a client to an existing appointment, you will find the "Add Client" button in the More dropdown menu.

Identifying Appointments with Multiple Clients

Appointments with multiple clients will show up in your calendar with the name of the first 2 clients in it.

In case there are more then 2 clients in the appointment, you will see a "+" after the first 2 clients names. To see the other clients you will have to click on it to open the appointment details dialog.

Another way to quickly identify appointments with multiple clients is by using the Appointment List page. Notice in the image below that the names of the additional clients show up underneath the main client's name.

Enabling Multiple Clients in Your Booking Widget

You can allow your clients to enter multiple clients when self-booking appointments in your public widget. Since you may only have a few services that are catered to couples and families, this has to be enabled at the service level.

In order to enable multiple clients for a given service:

  1. Navigate to "Bookings > Booking Settings > Services".
  2. Click "Edit" by the desired service.
  3. Go to the "Advanced" side tab.
  4. Check the box "Allow couples or families to book via the Widget" and click "Save".

This will make your booking widget accept additional clients, as can be seen in the image below:


At this time, there are a few limitations to appointments with multiple clients:

  • Only the main appointment client will be able to log into your widget to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • Appointment Packages will only be associated with the main appointment client.
  • When a credit card is entered to pay for an appointment, the credit card will be associated with the main appointment client.
  • The same reminder method (email, SMS or phone call) will be used for all clients in the appointment.
  • When exporting appointments to CSV, only the main client will be included.

If any of these limitations affects your use-case, we recommend creating separate appointments for each client, which will allow you to configure each appointment independently.

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