Task Management

If you are subscribed to our Practice Management plan, you have access to an optional task management module that allows you and your team to stay on top of client related tasks; be it preparing a treatment plan, sending a superbill or following up with a client after a certain period of time.

Tasks have a due date, so you can be reminded at the proper time; a priority, so you know how critical they are; and are assignable to any team member, so you know who is responsible for a task at any given time.

Tasks can also be associated with clients, so when you open a client profile, you are alerted of any pending or overdue tasks.

And best of all, tasks can be automated! You can let IntakeQ create and assign tasks automatically based on certain triggers. For example, when a client books service X, create tasks A, B and C. This is tremendously useful for creating repeatable processes and keeping tasks from falling through the cracks. Read more on automation in the following article: Task Automation (Processes)

Enabling the Task Management Module

To enable the task module, log in as the account admin, navigate to "More > Settings > Features", scroll down and click on "Enable Tasks".

Once the feature is enabled, you will see a new checkmark icon on the top menu.

Clicking on this icon will open the task management fly-out.

Note that using the tabs on the top you can see your tasks, unassigned tasks and tasks that are assigned to other team members (if your user role has this permission enabled).

Creating a Task

Tasks can be created manually from 2 different places. From anywhere in the system, you can click on the checkmark icon on the top menu to open your task list, and then click on the "New Task" button shown on the image above.

You can also create a task directly from the client profile page, which will automatically associate the task with the current client.

The image below shows the fields you can set when creating a task.

Managing Tasks

Once a task is created, you and team members can open it from the task list, add comments and even attach files.

Setting a task as completed is as easy as opening the task list and clicking on its check circle.

You can also access tasks from the client profile. They system will display a warning right under the client name. Clicking on the warning will open all the tasks associated with that specific client.

Task Reminders

You can set reminders on tasks that will be sent out accordingly to remind you of tasks that require action. To access the reminder settings, click the settings icon (shown below) and click "Reminder Settings".

On the next screen you can choose when reminders are set by clicking the "Add Reminder" button. This allows you to set when task reminders will be sent (currently only email is available).

In the example above, this user will receive 3 email reminders for each of their assigned tasks; one 3 days before it's due, another an hour before it's due, and a final one at the time the task is due.

Tasks reminders are set on a per-user basis, meaning each IntakeQ user login has their own reminder settings separate from one another.

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