Nutri-Systems Profile

IntakeQ supports the popular symptomatology tool created by The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – the Nutri-Systems Profile (NSP) – used to assess which body system(s) is affected or out of balance.

Client filled out table in the electronic intake form

When this item is added to your intake form, your clients will fill out the table above, and IntakeQ will automatically calculate the results when you’re reviewing or printing the submitted intake form, as you can see below.

Practitioner view on a submitted intake form

You can import this question into any of your forms. It can be found in Questions Library, under the Holistic Nutrition category.

Nutri Systems Profile Standard Form

We now also offer a standard form that you can import directly into your account with this question already setup, along with patient demographics. See the following article on how to access our standard forms, this one is labelled "Nutri Systems Profile": Does IntakeQ Offer Standard Forms?

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