Telehealth Resource for Your Clients

To prevent the most common technical issues that can happen during a telehealth session, and help your clients prepare ahead of time, we have created a resource that is shared with your clients when the appointment confirmation email is sent.

This resource lists a few steps they should take to make sure they have the right setup, and it includes a test that checks if the device and browser they are planning to use are supported.
Here's what the resource looks like:
The link that is automatically shared with your client is slightly different than the one above because it includes an identifier for your account. This identifier allows the client to perform the test on the same URL domain as the actual telehealth session, so that at the time of the appointment they don't need to give permission to the browser again. 
In case you want to add the link to this resource in your SMS reminders or other automated emails, you can use the placeholder [TelehealthPreparationURL].  You can also grab the link from your confirmation email and share it with your clients through other means.  

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