Client Profile Images

Each client within IntakeQ has the ability to have a profile image, as opposed to the default display with is the first letter in their name.

Automated Profile Images

You may notice that by default the IntakeQ system will populate some client profiles with pictures (avatars). We obtain these images automatically from a public source, the images are tied to email addresses which is how we determine what ones to apply to clients.

Some may not like this feature, so we give you the ability to disable it. Simply navigate to "Lists > Clients > Profile Settings > Other" and you'll see the option to disable this feature.

Note: When you disable the feature, any previously applied automatic avatars are removed.

How to Add Custom Profile Images

You are able to upload your own custom profile images for clients instead of relying on the automatic method explained above. To do this, navigate to the client's profile and click on their profile image, as shown below:

Clients can also set their own profile photos if they have access to login using the secure portal.

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