Client Profile

IntakeQ offers a Client Profile section that can be used to keep all information related to a client. Let's have a look at the client profile page:

On the left section of the page, you'll see the Client Timeline. That's where you will find all forms submitted by a particular client, as well as appointments and any progress notes you have created.
On the main section of the page, you'll find the Client Profile, which is nothing more than a set of common fields used to store client demographics, insurance information and anything else you'd like to add.

Customizing the Client Profile

In order to make sure IntakeQ meets the needs of your practice, we allow you to add custom fields to the client profile section. Need to have quick access to patients' blood type? No problem, just add it as a custom field and now it's part of the main client profile.
To add and manage custom fields, navigate to "Lists > Clients" and click "Profile Settings" in the top right corner.
On the page that opens, you can add new fields, specify their type (text box, date, dropdown list, etc.) and set their width.

It's important to note that any changes made here will affect the profile of all clients.

Using Intake Forms to Populate Client Profiles

Instead of populating client profiles manually, why not let clients do it for you? IntakeQ lets you map fields in your intake forms to fields in the client profile, so when a client submits an intake, their profile is populated automatically.

To learn how to map questionnaire fields to the client profile, see the following article: Mapping Intake Form Fields to the Client Profile

Using the Client Profile to Populate Notes

IntakeQ also allows you to map fields in your note templates to fields in the client profile. This enables you to have notes that are populated automatically based on the client profile information.

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