Does IntakeQ Comply with the U.S. Cures Act?

The simple answer is yes. The Cures Act requires that healthcare providers give patients access without charge to all the health information in their electronic medical records, with some exceptions.

IntakeQ has always made it easy for you to export patient records and even share them securely, either via the Client Portal, or using 2-Factor Authentication.
Keep in mind that IntakeQ doesn't allow patients to access their records unless you explicitly share them. Below are 3 methods you can use to share patient charts upon request. Click on the links for detailed instructions:

  1. Sharing individual notes or forms without the Client Portal
  2. Sharing individual notes or forms using the Client Portal
  3. Exporting documents in bulk
Note that you can also combine method 3 with other methods by downloading a patient's records in bulk to a zip file and then sharing it with the patient, either through IntakeQ or another channel. 
Enterprise customers who want to automate this process outside of IntakeQ also have the option to use our APIs to retrieve notes and forms
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