Importing Appointments

You may be moving to IntakeQ from another booking system and want to bring over your existing appointments. This is possible, follow the steps listed below after you have done the initial setup of the booking system in IntakeQ:

Export Appointments

You need to export your current appointments in the other system to a CSV file. The mandatory columns that the file must have are as follows: Date, FirstName, LastName, Email, Phone, Service, Location, Practitioner

The Date column needs to be in the following format: 2021-06-24 13:00 (YYYY-MM-DD TT:TT)

The services, locations, and practitioners need to match exactly to their names in the IntakeQ system or the import won't work properly.

Import Appointments

While signed in to your IntakeQ account, access the following URL:

Upload the CSV file where it's noted, you'll be shown a screen that reviews what our system has read from the file. To complete the import click the button labelled "Import CSV File".

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