Placeholders in Questionnaires

Placeholders are like variables that are used in a form template and are replaced by real data when a client form is created. For example, the placeholder [ClientName] is replaced by the actual client name when the client form is created. 

intakeQ allows you to have placeholders in questionnaires by using the Paragraph question item in a Mixed Controls block or the Section Title/Note block.

To add a Paragraph in your form, create a new question of the type "Mixed Controls" and add a new item of the type "Paragraph".

 The Paragraph question item allows you to enter text that shows up in the same block as other controls. You can then use placeholders in the paragraph text.

If you want to use placeholders outside of question blocks, you can use the "Section Title/Note" block.

Once the section block has been added to your form template, use the "Section Text" to add your placeholders.

List of Placeholders

This is the list of placeholders available on forms.


Additionally, if you have custom fields in your client profile settings, you can use placeholders for them by using the field text without any spaces between words. For example, if a custom field text is "Record Number", the placeholder for the field will be [RecordNumber].

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