Preventing Staff From Viewing Pricing in the System

In some clinics, it's vital to keep pricing information private from your staff, such as amounts of Diagnosis codes, Invoice pricing, etc.  If you want to keep the pricing information private from your staff without affecting your clients, you can do so with the Special Role Permission - Hide Appointment Prices.  

How to Configure in the System

You will need to decide if you're going to adjust an existing role or create a new role for your staff:  Setting User Permissions

  1. More > Team > Role > Edit Role
  2. Make sure the following options are unchecked/disbled: 
    1. Invoice Permissions - Can View Invoices
    2. Claim Permissions - Can View Claims
  3. Check Special Permissions > Hide Appointment Prices and save the changes

Once applied, your staff will need to click on More > Sign Out and Sign back in for the changes to be live in their account.  This will hide all pricing information in the system, including Exported CSV files, in the Lists > Appointments page, and even in the Event logs.

Examples with this role enabled (price field disabled):

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