Google Meet Integration

practiceQ allows you to connect to Google Meet so you can schedule telehealth sessions with your clients through our Google Calendar sync.

Please note that when using Google Meet, if you want everything to remain HIPAA compliant you'd need to sign a BAA with Google. You can inquire with them as to what type of account and anything else that is needed for this.

Enabling Google Calendar and Meet

To enable Google Meet, you first need to connect to Google Calendar, see the following article in regards to this: Sync with Google Calendar

This is done on a per-practitioner level, each can connect their own Google account. Once connected, check off the option to enable Google Meet as shown below:

Enable Google Meet on Services

Once Google Meet is enabled on your account you can then enable it on your services from the service settings "Advanced" dialog as shown below:

Enabling it on a service will create a Google Meeting automatically when that specific service is schedule.

Appointment View

You'll see below how it notes the Google Meet instance that is created as part of an appointment that is either manually booked, or scheduled through the widget.

Clicking the "Google Meet" link will allow you to join the video session when it's time for the meeting, get the meeting address, or send the meeting details directly to the client via email or SMS.

You'll see the Google Meet in your Google Calendar and can join the meeting from there as well.

Custom Google Meeting Email Reminders

If you'd like to create a custom same-day email reminder for Google Meet appointments only, this is possible within your booking settings under "Bookings > Booking Settings > Messages > Add Email". There you select the option labelled "Create a 'Google Meet Appointment Reminder' email template", and can then customize the template as needed and set a few parameters.

See the following article for more information on automated emails: Automated Emails

Customize Google Meet SMS Invitation

One of the options in the Google Calendar Sync settings allows you to change the SMS message for Google Meet appointment invitations. Below is an example of one:

Note that this is the SMS invitation you send manually, it doesn't impact automated reminders.

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