Questionnaire and Form Conversion Guidelines

Form template creation and editing is not included in your service, and requires additional fees. You can avoid these fees by referring to the articles on this support knowledgebase to build your own form templates (see bottom of this article).

The cost of form conversion is as follows based on the type of document(s) submitted:
  • Standard files (copy/paste): $9 (up to 10 pages, $2/pg after)
  • Scanned files (no copy/paste): $50 (up to 5 pages, $15/pg after)
  • Web/online form: $20 + custom quote based on length and complexity
Form conversions are typically completed within 2-4 business days after they are added to the conversion queue, which takes place once we've received payment.

Conversion Submission Guidelines

Please see the following guidelines for our form conversion process. This is to ensure we are completing work in a timely manner and helping reduce errors:

Submitting Forms: All form conversions can be submitted online through the "MY FORMS" page of intakeQ, or via email to Regardless of the method of submission, all files will be reviewed for the contents and usability.

Automated Price Quote: If you upload your files through the online submission form (under "MY FORMS" in your account), the system will charge a nominal fee for uploading the files. All files uploaded are subject to review. Any online submission found to contain multiple forms in one file, or scanned images of the pages, will be placed on hold while the customer is notified that additional fees are required. If you'd prefer to receive a quote before paying, please email us your forms as opposed to using the online submission form.

Scanned/Encrypted Forms: If the file submitted cannot have the text copied and pasted into the system to build your new template, then a higher fee will  be charged. This is because the person assigned to convert your form will need to read and type out every word from the file, taking much longer to perform. We advise that customers test their files by trying to copy/paste the text into a new blank text file/document before submitting. Some PDF files are encrypted and do not allow this. Also formatting issues can cause the text to be garbled when copying/pasting.

File Types: At this time we only accept MS Word or Adobe PDF files for conversion, as well as Website URLs to online forms.

Individual Files: Forms should be submitted as individual files if possible, we will count them in that way if they are combined in a single file. Price quotes are per-form, not per-document.

Conversion Expectations: All forms will be created directly from the contents of the file submitted as-is. As per company policy, we do not make changes to files submitted by customers for form conversion. Therefore, any edits for form conversion must be made by the customer on their end, and the resulting MS Word or PDF file can be submitted for review.

While we try to keep the conversion price as low as possible, scanned documents take considerably more work to convert, since we cannot copy and paste any text. When you send us a scanned document, we review it and send you a quote before we start working on it.

NOTE: Consent forms are by default created in the Native PDF format, unless that isn't possible. We can change this after the fact if you'd like, just let us know by replying to the form conversion completed email.

Consent Form SubmissionsWhen submitting consent forms to our conversion team, the default format is to create it as a 'Native PDF' consent template. Even if submitted as a MS Word document, all consent forms are converted as Native PDF unless you specify otherwise (we'd suggest you submit the file via email in those cases). This will ensure that the consent form looks identical to the file that you submitted.

One caveat of Native PDF consent templates is that the text cannot be edited. Think of your original file as a background, which we then place the text boxes, signature boxes, etc. on top of the appropriate spaces of your form.

If you would like a Native PDF consent template to be edited, you would need to have your original form edited on your end with the changes you would need, and then submit the file to us (via email only) to place in the system. There is normally no charge for this.

Edits/Corrections: After form conversion, form templates can be edited/corrected by an intakeQ representative during the first 30 days at no additional cost. It is the responsibility of the account holder to review completed form templates during these 30 days and notify us of any typographical errors, omissions, or other issues. You receive 1 round of revisions in those first 30 days at no extra cost.

Any request for an intakeQ representative to edit a form template after 30 days of creation is subject to additional fees, based on the amount of time required to perform the changes.

All form edits must be submitted in writing. This is a requirement to avoid any miscommunication regarding the form template to be edited, what edits are to be performed, and the exact wording that is to appear in the template. If we need to discuss anything pertaining to how the form was created, a meeting can be scheduled with our support team by emailing us (typically a 2-3 day turnaround).

Native PDF File Replacement: All replacements for a Native PDF template must be submitted as an individual PDF file. You cannot send one file containing multiple forms, as we cannot use this to replace them.

Form Editing Guides: All form templates can be edited at any time, either directly or indirectly, based on the template type. Help articles that cover these topics are easily located on our support knowledgebase:

If you have any questions about the process, please reach out and we'll be happy to help!

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