How to Partially Fill Out a Form Before Sending it to Clients

A consent form might need to be partially filled out before it’s sent out to be read and signed by clients. In such cases, there are two options: Customizing the Consent Form or Using Mapped Fields to automatically populate the form.

Customize a Consent Form

  1. To locate the consent form you want to customize, navigate to "My Forms".
  2. Select the consent form you want to edit.
  3. Edit the form as you please.
  4. Make sure your changes are saved (the "Saved" button on the left will appear greyed out when it's saved).

Attach the newly customized consent form to an intake form (if it’s not attached yet):

  1. Navigate to "My Forms" and click on the intake form you want to link the consent form to, opening its editor.
  2. Click on "Consent Forms".
  3. Check the box with the customized form and click on "Save".
  4. Send the intake package (intake form + consent form) to your client by clicking on "Send to Client", entering the required information and then clicking on "Send Intake Form".

Next time you need to edit the form before sending it out, repeat the steps above.

Using Mapped Fields

  1. Add editable fields to the consent form by clicking "Add Field > Text Box".
  2. Click on the newly created fields, and add a custom mapping to the form. You can learn how to map fields and create custom mapped fields in the following article: Mapping Intake Form Fields to the Client Profile
  3. Edit the client's timeline and enter the information into the client's timeline.

When the form is sent to the client, the system will automatically fill the fields with information from the client's profile/timeline. If the client is starting the form from a public URL, you will need to ensure that Require Email Verification is enabled for the auto-fill to work.

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