Assigning Clients to Practitioners Automatically

IntakeQ allows you to use the rules feature to assign a client to a specific practitioner based on how the client answers a particular question.

This can be useful in a couple of different scenarios. For example, if you have a single intake form in your website, but multiple practitioners in your practice, you can add a question asking "which practitioner is your appointment with" and route that form directly to the proper practitioner.

Another example would be to route a form to a practitioner based on a particular condition reported by the patient.

The screenshots below show how you would go about creating a question and the necessary rules to route a form to the proper practitioner. In this example, we first create a multiple choice question asking the client to choose a practitioner.

Then we create one rule for each practitioner. The image below shows the rule that will route the form to Sara Spencer when a client chooses her from the list.

Note that when an assignment rule is met, it's not only the form that is assigned to a practitioner, the client ownership is transferred as well.

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