Managing Access to a Client

When using a clinic account, there is often the need to assign clients to a specific practitioner or to share a client's file with multiple practitioners. This article will cover the different options that can help you manage access to clients.

Before we get into it, it's important to note a couple of things; 1) the admin account will always have access to all clients, and 2) any given client file is always "owned" by a single practitioner (even though you can grant access to multiple practitioners).

Let's look at the different ways you can control who owns or have access to a client's records.

1. Creating the Client in the Proper Account

The most common way to assign a client to a provider is when the client is created. Clients can be created manually in the Clients tab, or automatically when you send a form or create an appointment. Just make sure you create the client in the proper account and, by default, the client will only be visible to that account (and the admin account).

2. Using Form URLs

When using our intake forms in your website or office tablets, you can use one form URL per practitioner, so that when a client submits an intake form, they are routed to the respective practitioner. To get URLs for a specific form, please refer to the following article: How to Add an Intake Form to Your Website

3. Using Rules

You can use our rules feature to let the client indicate through an intake form which practitioner they should be assigned to. Please read the following article for instructions on how to set it up: Assigning Clients to Practitioners Automatically

4. Client Access Control

The Client Access Control dialog gives you the ability to change the client ownership and share the client with other practitioners. As you can see in the image above, you can specify who owns the client file, or indicate that the client can be accessed by all practitioners in the clinic, or grant access to specific practitioners.

To see the Access Control dialog for a specific client, just open the client's profile page and click on the icon indicated in the image below:

5. Roles and Permissions

If you need certain practitioners to have access to all clients in the clinic, you can create a new Role that has the permission "Can access all clients" turned on. To learn more about roles and permissions, see the following article: Setting User Permissions

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