What is the Difference Between an Assistant Account and a Practitioner Account?

We designed Assistant and Practitioner accounts to handle the day-to-day operations of a typical practice.

A practitioner account should be used by the professional who is ultimately providing the service. These are some characteristics of a practitioner account:

  • Each patient/client "belongs" to a practitioner.
  • When a form is submitted by a client, it is routed to a practitioner.
  • Appointments are always assigned to a practitioner.
  • Practitioners have their own calendar.
  • Practitioners can have their own form headers.
  • Practitioners can have their own form and email templates.

Assistant accounts, on the other hand, were designed to perform actions on behalf of practitioners. They will simply manage practitioner accounts, either by sending forms, managing their calendar, building questionnaires, writing notes, etc. However, clients, forms, notes, calendars and appointments are always associated to a practitioner.

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