Administrator Only Account

IntakeQ supports two types of administrator accounts: Practitioner/Administrator and Administrator Only.

The Administrator Only account is designed for clinics who have an office manager who is not a practitioner. This account has access to all areas of the software, including access to all client data, however, clients, intakes, notes and appointments are always assigned to a practitioner account. Due to this, Administrator Only Accounts can not have appointments booked to them or clients assigned to them, and do not use a practitioner slot from your current subscription plan.

Uses of an Admin Only Account

  • Adding new practitioners and assistants to the clinic account.
  • Assigning practitioners and assistants to their roles.
  • Managing the account subscription and updating the system credit card information.
  • Managing all form templates under the "My Forms" tab.
  • Managing booking settings (hours, services and locations).
  • Managing the calendar of other practitioners and the team calendar.
  • Sending forms on behalf of practitioners.

Limitations of an Admin Only Account

  • No booking calendar.
  • Unable to have clients assigned directly to their account.
  • Cannot send forms directly to a client from their account.

Turning an Existing Practitioner Account into Admin Only

The following steps must be done from the account creator/owner:

  1. Use the "Transfer" function to move any clients/forms/notes/appointments from the current owner to a practitioner. The transfer function can be found under "More > Team > Practitioners". This will require that you have a second practitioner slot, we can assist in adding a temporary slot for you if needed, contact us for further assistance if this is the case.
  2. If you are using practitioner specific form URLs on your website, update your website with the new practitioner URLs.
  3. To finish the transition into an Admin Only account, navigate to "More > Account" and click on "Change Account Type to Admin Only".

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