Conditional Questions and Skip Logic

IntakeQ supports simple skip logic, i.e. the ability to hide or show certain questions or consent forms based on a specific answer.

You can set up skip logic on a multiple choice question and indicate which questions/forms should be hidden or visible. This covers most scenarios we’ve seen so far in the forms we have converted. This will also work with radio button questions in the mixed control question type.

Setting up Conditional Rules

Let’s look at an example of how skip logic can be used. First, create all the questions in your form, including the ones that are conditional.

Make sure the conditional questions come after the questions that will determine their visibility.

Suppose we have a simple multiple choice  question: “Are you pregnant?”. When the patient selects “Yes”, you want to ask 3 additional questions.

First, open the Rules popup screen by clicking on ... -> Rules:

Then click on the "Add New Rule" button and set the parameters like in the image below.

As you can see, this is a simple IF/THEN logic that you can use to hide/show questions and consent forms based on how your client answers certain questions.

In case you are using conditional logic to hide/show consent forms, make sure to move them to the bottom of the questionnaire.

As you set it up, you can use the form preview to test your conditional logic.

Rules can also be used to add or remove Client Tags, or to assign clients to practitioners automatically.

Please let us know if you need any help setting up conditional rules in your forms.

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