Linking Treatment Notes with Appointments

IntakeQ allows you to link client treatment notes with appointments. This feature allows for some convenience features, like jumping to a note directly from your calendar, or quickly spotting appointments with missing notes.

Linking a Note to an Appointment

There are two ways to link a note to an appointment. The easiest one is to open an appointment popup dialog and click on "More > Create Note". This will allow you to create a new note that is automatically linked to the appointment.

The other way to link a note to an appointment is by opening an existing note, then clicking on "More > Link Appointment". This will allow you to choose an appointment to link to the current note.


Once a note is linked to an appointment, you will see the following message on the top of the note:

Notice the "unlink" button; it can be used to unlink the note and appointment in case they were linked by mistake. If there are multiple clients associated with an appointment, they will be listed at the top of the note as well.

Spotting Appointments with Missing Notes

In case you want to check which appointments have no corresponding notes, you can enable a setting that will make it easy to spot them. To enable this setting, navigate to "More > Settings > Settings", and check the box "Warn about appointments with missing progress notes"

With this setting enabled, you will see a new "Note"column in the "Appointment List" page. To see it, navigate to "Bookings > List".

The orange "add note" button indicates that there are no notes for that appointment.

There is also a filter in the "Status" option that will show only appointments with missing notes, it's labelled "Missing Session Note" (shown below). This filter will take additional clients into account, so if you have an appointment with three clients and notes only for two clients, the appointment will still show up in this "missing note" listing.

Missing Note Notifications

If you'd like to receive notifications when there are missing progress notes for an appointment, you can enable this by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to "More > Settings" and click on the "Notifications" tab.
  2. Under the "Note Notifications" section check the box beside "Notify me when an appointment is missing a note".
With this setting enabled, the system will look for any appointments that happened before 5 days ago and send the practitioner a notification if there are appointments missing a note. The practitioner can click on the button in the email and go straight to the appointment list page showing which sessions are missing notes.

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