Formatting Text in the Secure Client Portal

In the secure client portal one of the available features is the ability to communicate with your clients by sending them secure messages. While the text editor you have to work with doesn't have a built-in toolbar with formatting options, we do support text formatting through Markdown. The information below will explain how this works and where you can get the code needed to format your message text.

If you need to learn how to invite clients to your secure client portal, you can find this in the following articles:

When using the secure client portal, you will see the following text box that allows you to communicate with your clients:

If you type into this box you'll see that there are no direct formatting options, however a basic version of Markdown is supported that allows you to add certain formatting to posts. You can find a list of the most widely used codes for Markdown formatting at the following address:

The website noted above shows what you type, and what the output would be. For example, typing your text with a single asterisk on each side will display that text in italics: *Your text here* becomes Your text here.

Please note that all of those Markdown options may not be supported in our system. If you have any questions about this please contact us and we'll be happy to assist!

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