Sharing Files in the Secure Client Portal

If you are looking to share files with your client in a secure manner, the secure client portal is a great tool to use for this. It will allow you to send essentially any file to your clients through our secure system (25mb file size limit).

To share a file to a client using the secure client portal, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the secure client portal by selecting the speech bubble icon in to top blue navigation bar.
  2. Select the client on the left, or invite a new client to your secure client portal. See the following article for assistance with this: Inviting Clients to Your Client Portal
  3. Click the three dots icon that appears below the "Type your message here" input box (shown below), then select "Upload File".

  4. You will be prompted to select the file from your computer to share with the client. Once you've selected your file, click "Upload" to upload this to the secure client portal for this client to view/download (shown above).

  5. If you ever need to delete a previously uploaded file, simple click the trash bin icon next to it (when hovering over that message item) in the message display area.

Other Sharing Options

There are other options available where you can directly share documents or files already uploaded to the client profile.

Share Document: This will show a dropdown list of all documents for the client, and allow you to select one to share along with a message.

Share Client File: This lets you select a file already uploaded to the "Files" section of a client's profile to share with them.

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