Banning Clients

IntakeQ allows you to ban clients to prevent them from booking appointments, filling out forms, or registering for your client portal. Clients that have already been invited or registered to your portal will need to be revoked to prevent portal use. How to Revoke Access to the Client Portal.

When a banned client tries to perform any of those actions they will receive a message that can be customized for that specific individual.

Banning a client does not stop them from receiving automated emails, archiving them does though.

Below is an example of what a banned client would see when trying to book an appointment through your online booking widget.

How to Ban a Client

To ban a client, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the client's profile by using the search bar in the main menu or searching for the client from the client list under "Lists > Clients".
  2. On the client's profile, click the three dots icon on the right, and then select the "Ban Client" option.
  3. A dialog will appear, check the box to ban the client. You can set an optional custom ban message if you'd like.

How to Un-ban a Client

To un-ban a client, simply access their profile, and click the "change" link in the banned bar that appears above their main profile information tabs. Uncheck the box in the dialog and the client will no longer be banned. The message denoting that they are banned will be removed from their profile.

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